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Monday, January 5, 2009

Just to Share.


Actually I just finish my Study of Religion 1 class. Therefore, I want to share with all of you what I had learnt today. But, before that I just want to let you know that the lecturer who teach this subject is Ass. Prof. Dr. Kamar Oniah bt Kamaruzzaman.

Today I learnt about Judaism (Agama Yahudi). Begin with the history of Judaism, actually Judaism is one of the oldest religions in the world and the other one is Hinduism. As recorded, Judaism begin 2500 BCE, but actually it was started earlier than that.

It came from the word 'habiru' which was referred to the tribe, this tribe was nomadic. They always move from place to place. The word 'habiru' also referred to the stone, which was the stone that the tribe picked in the place they stop, then they brought the stone together with them whenever they move to another place. Eventually, the word 'habiru' became 'hebrew'.

However, Jews always known with the terms 'bani israel', 'al-yahud', and 'ahl-kitab'. Actually the word 'israel' was came from the prophet Jacob (Yaakob), which was means 'the soldier of God'. The prophet Jacob was from the lineage of the prophet Isaac (Ishak), the son of the prophet Abraham (Ibrahim) with his wife, Sarai (Sarah). According to Jews, they will trace their lineage from the mother side which was called 'matriarchial'. They did this because they did not acknowledge Hagar (Hajar) as the wife of the prophet Abraham and the prophet Ismail was their son. Actually, Sarai was Jews and Hagar was not Jews, so that why they did not acknowledge Hagar as wife of the prophet Abraham. But, for Muslims, they acknowledge both of these women as wives of the prophet Abraham. Therefore, Jewish people were known as 'bani israel' because they were the children of the 'israel' (Jacob).

Ok finish here and InsyaAllah I'll continue again about this next time. See you soon!
.... to be continued

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