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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Judaism (Agama Yahudi) - sambungan.


Ok, we start with the story of Abraham. Abraham's tribe will move to Holy Land (now: Palestine) from Haran, but on the way to holy land they stopped at Ur of Chaldees, where the story of Abraham destroyed the idols took place. However, according to Bible, Abraham was visited by angel, who promise him, son and told about Abraham will be the father of nation. They promise Abraham will be a great father of people and will be given the holy land. This is what had been called as covenant. In the covenant, there were two things:
1. Abraham and children will worship only God.
2. God pomise to give him and his children the holy land.

I think we all already known about the story of prophet Abraham, Hagar and their son, Ismail which was God asked prophet Abraham to leave his wife and his son in the desert without water and food. We also known about Hagar's story which she tried very hard to survive. She go here and there, here and there to search the water (this event were remembered by all muslims and it become the 'rukn hajj': sa'i from Safa to Marwah). Finally, she found the water emerged under her son's (Ismail) legs, where God help them to obtain that water. Prophet Abraham visited them occasionally. But later on, God commanded prophet Abraham to sacrifice which God asked him to slaughter his son, Ismail. Could you imagine how prophet Abraham felt when God asked him to do that. He felt very sad because he seldom met his son, but then God asked him to sacrifice his son. Then, he went to Mina because he felt very sad and in Mina 'Syaitan' whispered to him, why you should slaughter your son, didn't you love him? But, prophet Abraham loves God more than his own son and he throw the small stone in Mina to disgrace the 'syaitan' as well as to show what the 'syaitan' whispered was not significant to him (in Arab tradition, throwing the small stone was shown that the thing was not significant like in malay culture 'spitting') -throwing the small stone at Mina also become the 'rukn hajj' . Then, prophet Abraham obeyed the God command. God known that prophet Abraham was sincere in his love, therefore God changed to 'kibas'(animal like a sheep) instead of Ismail to be slaughtered. This was the significant story why the muslims are asked to sacrifice every eiduladha (raya haji).

Emm... I've to break now because at 2pm I've class. InsyaAllah I'll continue again.

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