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Sunday, March 1, 2009

What About Now?


Shadows fill an empty heart
as love is fading
form all the things
that we are
but are not saying
can we see beyond the scars
and make it to the dawn?
change the colors of the sky
and open up to
the ways you made me feel alive
the ways i loved you
for the things that never died
to make it through the night
love will find you
what about now?
what about today?
what if you are making me
all that i was meant to be?
what if our love never went away?
what if its lost behind words we couldn't have peace
the sun is breaking in your eyes
to start a new day
this broken can still survive
with a touch of your grace
shadows fade into the light
I am by your side
where love will find you (c/o)
now that we are here
now that we have come this far
just hold on
there is nothing to fear
for i am right beside you
for all my life
i am yours (c/o)
they never find?
baby before its too late
what about now?

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