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Thursday, October 1, 2009



Today I just want to share my feeling with you all. Perhaps, it will help me to lighter my head. Actually, I faced a problem which was I thought that I had been cheated. A few months ago, a man from Pahang asked me to book booth for this coming CONVEST. The booth that he wanted was the full one, thus the price was RM1200, he promised to me to bank in the money into my account. Therefore, I had booked for him one booth but not using his money which the ammount was RM200. This was because he did not bank in the money into my account yet but I asked him the night before I booked, he said he want, so that's why I booked the booth from him using the money that I had.This happened two weeks before Hari Raya. But until now I did not recieved any money from him. Unfortunately, yesterday was the last day to make the full payment, but then I told the management committee to postpone the payment because of that reason. I did it due to several reasons which are if I cancelled the booth, I will lost the money (RM200), then last two night I called the man once again and the answer that I received was he still wanted that booth and once again he promised to me to bank in the money. However, I felt very sad yesterday because when I checked my account, the money was not there (If you all in my situation, how do you feel?). So, last night I cannot sleep because of thinking this problem. It really putting me in trouble. My mind spinning very fast because I tried to find any solution to settle this problem. I was a student, I did not have any permanent job yet, therefore I did not have money. The ammount of two hundred was too much to me. Thus, today I do not know how to do and what to do, I just leave it to Allah to help me out.

That's all I want to share with you all but one advice, don't simply believe people even though you know he or she. Wassalam.

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