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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Judaism - sambungan


Emm... kat mana ye kita stop hari tu..? Ok, tentang prophet ismail & his mother sarah.

Ok we move to the story of prophet ishak & yaacob 1st, then we'll continue with the story about prophet ismail again.

Are you ready now??

Actually from the lineage of prophet ishak, there comes the prophet yaacob. Yaacob is known as 'Israel' and he has 12 children and they are called 'Bani Israel'. One of them is Juda and the word of Judaism is come from his name. The two of them are Bunyamin and Yusof. Yusof is the one who his brothers throw away in the 'telaga'. I think you all know this story, therefore I do not want to elaborate more about this, to save the time. Then he was found by the traders if I not mistaken and they brought him into Egypt (Mesir). Then emerge the story of the gavernor's wife with yusof, later on yusof was jailed and then he was found can interprete the dream, therefore governor released him and ask him to become his 'bendahari' Egypt. After that, he became well known 'bendahari' and very nice to others and also intelligent. Ok, to make it short, from the lineage of yusof, came Moses. I think you all also known about the story of Moses and Pharaoh (firaun). Moses was given Torah by God and he must reveal it to his people. Unfortunately, Moses's people were very arrogant and they willing to ask him to fight the enemy alone with his God which they said " Go you and your God to fight them and we'll remain/stay here waiting you". I do not know how arrogant bani israel was. But, if you can see nowadays these people still arrogant and inhumanity (tak berperikemanusiaan).

Therefore, after prophet Moses was the prophet David (Daud). I'll continue this story soon because time is very constrain me (betul ke ayat?). Whatever la... Ok see you all later. tataa :-)

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